6061 Aluminum Pipe

As a leading aluminum supplier, Industrial Metal Supply stocks high-quality 6061 aluminum pipe. Benefits of purchasing 6061 aluminum pipe from us include:

6061 Aluminum Pipe

Aluminum pipe is light weight, corrosion resistant and is as strong as steel, which makes aluminum piping a highly regarded industrial metal. 6061 Aluminum pipe is made from one of the most widely used heat treatable aluminum alloys available. It has excellent corrosion resistance, good workability and good machinability.
  • 6061 ASTM-B308

6061 Aluminum Pipe Applications

188bet亚洲体铝管6061is utilized for numerous industrial applications, including:
  • Framing
  • Shelving
  • Outdoor applications
  • Protective barriers
  • Support columns
  • Transportation
  • Marine
  • Solar & Renewable Energy
  • Construction (Commercial & Residential)
  • Electrical Bus Conductors
  • Compressed Gas Storage
  • and more
Aluminum pipe is available in a variety of sizes and weights including Schedule 40 and Schedule 80.

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Industrial Metal Supply stocks numerous sizes of aluminum piping products for your specific project needs.118金宝搏BET for more information or118金宝搏BET today.
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