6061 and 6063 Aluminum Round Tube

6061 Al圆管

Aluminum 6061 round tube is a versatile AL alloy product widely used due to its corrosion resistance and lightweight properties. 6061 AL round tubing is formable, machinable, and weldable and offers a good strength to weight ratio. This aluminum alloy can be heat treated and is commonly anodized for further corrosion prevention.
Industrial Metal Supply stocks a wide selection of 6061 aluminum tubing in a variety of sizes and lengths.
  • 6061-T6 ASTM-B221

6061 Aluminum Round Tubing Applications

  • 保护结构
  • 框架
  • Couplers
  • 袖子
  • 电气配件
  • Marine applications
  • 液压阀
  • And more

6063 AL Round Tube

118金博宝app工业金属供应的6063-T832圆形油管在T832的脾气过程中提供。T832是一种溶液,经过热处理的脾气过程,冷来处理6063 Al Tubing,然后人为地将管道变成管道。与6063铝的其他变体相比,它具有最高的强度。188bet亚洲体6063 Al圆管通常用于其美学上令人愉悦的架构应用
  • 6063-T832 ASTM-B483

6063 Aluminum Round Tubing Applications

Aluminum round tubing 6063-T832 is utilized for numerous industrial applications, including:
  • 栏杆
  • 修剪
  • 一般建筑
  • Engineering applications
  • 结构应用
  • And more


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