6061& 6063 Tee


H = Height
W = Width
L = Length
T = Thickness

Read more about 6061 and 6063 T-Bar below!

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6061AL tee provides:

  • Above average corrosion resistance
  • 良好的可加工性
  • 出色的可焊性
  • 抵抗开裂
  • 热处理

6061& 6063 Aluminum T-Bar Applications


6061 Al T-BAR应用:

  • Structural applications
  • General construction
  • Marine components
  • Electrical connectors
  • 汽车零件和齿轮
  • Truck beds

6063 AL T-bar applications:

  • 建筑装饰
  • Framing

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