IMS History

early days as a metal distributor
Norman & Sally Sherman opened the doors to IMS in 1948.

1948年,工业金属供应首次在加利118金博宝app福尼亚伯班克开业,该公司是一项真正的家庭经营。该公司由诺曼·谢尔曼(Norman Sherman)和他的妻子莎莉(Sally)创立,最初是一家废料和剩余业务,该业务白天使用该家庭的1947年庞蒂亚克车站旅行车,而夜间则使用家用汽车。

In the early days Norman would pick up usable scrap at bargain pricing from Lockheed Martin which was based in Burbank, and sell the majority of it to the local movie studios. This business grew slowly, but over time it turned in to a full line metal distribution company. Norman and Sally saw opportunity and knew the metal business well. Over the years IMS went from station wagon distribution to scrap yard store front to multimillion dollar regional metal distributor serving the Southwest.

在接下来的四十年中,对出售大量金属供应的分销商的市场需求导致诺曼和他现在成年的儿子尼尔(目前是该公司的首席执行官),于1989年开设了第二个分支机构,该分支位于欧文的心脏地带。通过将强大的基于家庭的文化与专注于订单快速转变的商业模式结合起来,尼尔·谢尔曼(Neil Sherman)在过去的三十年中一直在扩展和发展。

Between 1995 and 2006 IMS opened new branches in San Diego, Phoenix and Riverside. In 2012 IMS added its sixth location, a store in Tucson. Each new location required an ever-expanding inventory and continual process improvements outlined in the company’s ISO standards.

在过去的七十多年中,该公司为与知名工厂和供应商的长期合作伙伴关系感到自豪,允许IMS向其客户提供高质量的金属和产品。一些工厂IMS与ALCOA,KAISER铝,SAPA,Sierra Aluminum Company,Hula188bet亚洲体min,Nucor,USS-Posco Industries(UPI),加利福尼亚钢铁工业(CSI),Seraring Industries,Seraring Industries,Hannibal Industries,Hannibal Industries,Hannibal Industries,North American Inc.不锈钢(NAS),凤凰管和Revere Copper。其他有助于满足特色金属和配件库存的供应商包括Hollander,Intinital,Lavi Industries,Nouveau,E188bet手机官网agle Gate Hardware和Riverside Corruged。

近年来,IMS继续通过添加最先进的技术来对新技术进行大量投资3D 6-axis tube laser-cutting machine, the only one of its size on the West Coast, and a Hi-Def Plasma cutter.

IMS is constantly finding ways to save time and money for all its customers, and live up to its slogan of “Metal Made Easy” by continually adding services and products.

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