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If your project requires an aluminum alloy that is extrudable, with great corrosion resistance and good surface quality, 6063 aluminum is best suited for your project requirements. Explore IMS’6063 aluminum products


AL 6061和AL 6063之间的差异

While 6061 AL and 6063 AL have commonalities, the differences between the 2 alloys can help you determine which alloy is best suited for your needs. For applications that require higher strength, 6061 or 6082 are typically used. Their slightly different characteristics make each one a better choice for different applications.
  • 6061 aluminumhas a lower melting temperature, lower thermal conductivity, and lower heat capacity.
    • 与Al-T6 6063相比,AL 6061-T6具有更高的屈服强度和疲劳强度。
    • It is also less corrosion resistant than AL 6063.
  • 与6061 AL相比6063 aluminumhas a higher melting temperature, higher thermal conductivity, and higher heat capacity.
    • AL 6063 has a better surface finish than AL 6061 and is preferrable for architectural purposes.

Aluminum Alloy 6061

  • AL 6061是需要高强度铝挤出的结构应用和建筑项目的理想选择。188bet亚洲体
  • 合金6061或结构铝有两种变化或脾气T4和T6,它们188bet亚洲体在挤出后的处理引起的特性略有不同。

Aluminum Alloy 6063

  • 合金6063或建筑铝可以软化阳极氧化,为视觉建筑和建筑应用188bet亚洲体创建美学上令人愉悦的彩色饰面。
    • Common uses for 6063 AL include window frames, door frames, roofs, and sign frames since high strength is not the most important factor.
    • It is also used for electrical components and conduit, pipe and tube for irrigation systems, architectural & building products, railings, furniture, appliances, boats, and motor vehicles.
  • 6063主要用于暴露的应用,因为它遭受了比6061更好的天气,使其更具耐腐蚀性。

Aluminum Alloys 6061 vs. 6063 Infographic

188bet亚洲体铝6061 vs铝6063
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