The weeklong event, scheduled for the week of February 3–11, 2017 in Johnson Valley, California, is one of the most brutal off-road races in the world, with only about 20% of participants able to complete the course. The headline race takes place on February 10, 2017.

我们很高兴成为唯一的金属需求提供商RuffStuffSpecialties Open Pit during the event. In this capacity, they will operate a completely free Repair Zone for racers to mend their “Rock Crawlers.” The repair center provides metals, as well as the ability to use welding equipment and other tools needed to make repairs to damages encountered while on the course. This community resource shop adds much convenience to teams in this high-risk race in a very remote location.

我们很高兴与今年的几个领先的赛车队合作,包括证明地面,精明的越野,Jager 2337,Mitch Guthrie,Rob Maccachren和Hammers的两次女王Jessi Combs

Fans and friends be sure to stop by the Open Pit too! Pick up some 20% off coupons and KOH limited edition dust shield/facemasks.

2016 Pre-Race Interview with Savvy Offroad driver Jessi Combs

杰西·康布斯(Jessi Combs)在Koh的免费赛车手维修区停下来,由Ruff Stuff Specialties&Industrial Metal Supply戴上,在大型比赛开118金博宝app始前一天,在精明的汽车#88汽车上工作!她确切地阐明了为什么这被认为是世界上最艰难的种族之一,以及在Hammer镇进行的一些准备工作。

2016 KOH赛车与精明的越野车手Jessi Combs一起回顾

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