Heim Joint & Spacers

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在那辆越野车上工作,需要Heim关节,垫片,钢制衬套或Dom Tube插入物?我们在所有这些产品线中库存各种尺寸的选择。

Heim Joint & Spacers Features:

  • Steel bushings up to 1 ¼” ID x 1 ½ OD
  • DOM tube inserts up to 1 ¼”
  • 男性/女性和右/左线的Heim关节
  • From 3/16” up to ¾”

接触IMS for Heim Joint & Spacers in Southern California, Arizona, and Northern Mexico

接触Industrial Metalfor more information on heim joint and spacers today.
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