V-Groove Wheels

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V型槽轮can be used as replacement wheels forcasters或其他轮式设备,允许它们继续运行V凹槽轨道。118金博宝app工业金属供应库存一整行V凹槽轮,包括塑料V凹槽轮,钢V槽轮和特殊的优质V凹槽轮。118金宝搏BET today for complete V groove wheel-and-track systems. Quantity discounts available for V groove wheels.



  • 4” steel V groove wheels
  • 6” steel V groove wheels


  • 4英寸塑料v凹槽轮


  • 4” and 6” premium V groove wheels available
  • Contain ball bearings—no lubrication required
  • Available with chrome or gold plating

接触Us for V Groove Wheels & More

In addition to V groove wheels, we also stockcasters,rollers,V凹槽轨道, and much, much more. We are the Southwest’s largest supplier of metal and metal products.118金宝搏BET for V groove wheels for your application.
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