Industrial Metal Supply stocks cerrobend in ingot form. A commercial variety of Wood’s metal, Cerrobend is a fusible, low-melting point alloy and that is most often used for thin-walled metal tube bending, as cerrobend is an ideal support material. Tubes and pipes can be bent to quite small radii without the risk of buckling or crimping when cerrobend is used as the filling material during the manufacturing process.


Cerrobend is a commercial/trade name for Wood’s metal. Also known as Lipowitz’s alloy, Wood’s metal is a eutectic alloy containing 50% bismuth, 26.7% led, 13.3% tin, and 10% cadmium by weight. Wood’s alloy is named for Barnabas Wood, the 19ThCentury American Inventor首先发现了材料。

In addition to pipe and tube bending, Wood’s metal/Cerrobend is commonly used as a low-melting point solder, a low-temperature casting metal, a high-temp coupling fluid in heat baths, and as a meltable valve element in commercial and industrial fire sprinkler systems.


In addition to the above-mentioned uses, other applications for Cerrobend include:
  • 定制孔径和医疗辐射处理块
  • 金属镶嵌在木头上
  • 死亡或霉菌材料用于修理/翻新古董
  • 为型号的铁路机车增加重量


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