Industrial Metal Supply offers high precision metal sawing and metal shearing services to give you materials that better match your requirements. We are more than just metal suppliers—we provide first-step processing to save you time and money on your project.

加州南部and Arizona Metal Plate Cutting Services

Metal plate cutting services are available in all 6 IMS locations throughout加州南部和亚利桑那州。对于具有一致和精确尺寸的定制切割,金属剪切和锯适合需要精确金属切割的各种行业。


Arizona Metal Shearing and Metal Sawing Services Near You

metal sawing & metal shearing

Precision Metal Sawing for Arizona and Southern California

Metal sawing utilizes saw teeth to remove strips of metal. Metal sawing provides cutting that is uniform, that can cut a wide range of materials. Our precision metal sawing capabilities include utilizing a high precision MetlSaw system for close tolerance (±0.005”) metal plate sawing.
  • A unique combination of accuracy, speed, and automated capabilities set MetlSaw metal cutting machines apart from other sawing systems.
  • 我们的高级设备使我们能够单剪地生产高精度零件,而几乎不需要或不需要加工。
  • 金属锯非常适合像油管这样的厚材料。


加州南部and Arizona Production Metal Shearing

  • Generally, any geometrical shape requiring straight-line cuts can be produced via shearing. With our metal shearing expertise, we can deliver custom metal parts to match your unique specifications.
  • Metal shearing is well suited for high volume runs that require smooth surface finishes.

金属切割和带锯 金属板剁g and Metal Band Sawing

  • These precision metal sawing and cutting stations are set up for fast response to custom-cut requests for metal bars, tubes, and shapes.


IMS Metal Sawing and Shearing Advantages

  • 减少交货时间和成本118bet金宝博电话
  • Prototypes or production quantities in the tens of thousands
  • 广泛的库存清单materials
  • 引用s within one business day
  • Engineers on staff
  • 24小时生产和快递服务可用
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • We can produce precision parts from DXF files, basic sketches, or any other file options


Our custom metal cutting capabilities include a wide range of cutting services, including:



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